• 29 november 2000
  • Dear Sir/Madam,

    We are secondary and middle school from Poland. We are organising a group of schools from different parts of Europe interested in working together on the same project Download auto tuning program for free. At the moment we have some schools willing to work together but we are still open for new groups and new propositions. From 1998 to 2000 we were working with four different schools from Great Britain, Italy and Germany and now we are ready to start a new project antrag auf erwerbsminderungsrente herunterladen. We think the more schools are involved in the project the better that’s why we are writing to you.

    Now the project. This year is the first year of the new phase in Socrates programmes and it means many changes the sims 4 downloaden. What we want to start is Comenius School Project (former Comenius Action 1).We are interested in three main areas: local communities and our place and role in them, ecology (we would be interested in National Parks or homeless animals and what we do or can do for them in our countries) and united Europe but multinational with different tradition and culture but based on the same Greek and Roman roots.We would like to start with the first one, leaving ‘ecology’ for next year and the tradition for the last herunterladen. But we our open for any suggestions.

    General plan for the first year ( but as I’ve said we can start with ecology or tradition; I hope that the topic ‘local democracy, local communities should be interesting for our students and it also should be for them a good lesson of responsibility and it will make our contacts with local authorities, and it’s really important for our project, easier and more effective)

    EXCHANGE OF STUDENTS ( in new Comenius it’s possible to take a small group of students for co-ordinators visits, and I hope we will be able to establish regular exchange of our students ( I mean a bigger group) unfortunately without financial support from Socrates – Comenius.)

    PROJECT: “I’m a citizen of my community and I know how to be active here” – this is a motto of our project gratis tomtom karten downloaden. The aim of it is to stimulate the students to an effective work in different areas of the community life by introducing possibilities given by law.

    We’re planning the project in three steps:

    • simulation game: every students is given a role in a community and a task to achieve (for example: an ecologist who doesn’t want a new factory in the town);
    • comparison of local law in Poland and law regulations in partners’ communities;
    • creation of “THE IDEAL DICTIONARY” ( it means after comparing the real situation in different countries our student may create a theoretical model using the best solutions from different countries)

    If you are interested we should plan preparatory visit ( maybe in Poland) before applying, just to make final decisions and write the application form – it must be done not later than in middle of February windows 7 download kostenlos deutsch vollversion chip. It’s possible to get a grant for the preparatory visit but normally you must apply at least 6 weeks before the planning visit, usually the financial support covers the expenses of one or two teachers samsung smart switch for free. There are also opportunities of teachers and headteachers visits later when the project starts working.

    What’s the most important for the moment is your answer and your opinion about the project insta stories. If you are willing to participate, even if you wanted to change the topic or anything else, let me know and then I’ll send you all the information you will need

    Best wishes
    Anna Jedrosz

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