• 27 oktober 2016
  • Onlangs is het nieuwe boek van Games-and-Education Goeroe Marc Prensky verschenen. Hier zijn eigen aankondiging:

    I am writing to let you know that my newest book, Education  to Better Their World: Unleashing the Power of 21st Century Kids has just published by Teachers College Press Download videos from websites mac. I believe  the fresh ideas it contains will have a significant impact on your, and the world’s, educational thinking. I hope you will read it and use it in your courses and programs microsoft works gratis downloaden nederlands.

    The book’s key message is that our current education is wrong for the future NOT because we haven’t added enough technology, or because we we haven’t added enough so-called 21st-century skills, or because we don’t offer it to everyone equally, or even because we haven’t tried to incrementally improve it filme downloaden android app.

    Our current K-12 education is wrong for the future because it has—and we have—the wrong ends or goals in mind. Up until now education has been about improving individuals google earth kostenlos zum herunterladen. What education should be about in the future is improving the world—and having individuals improve in that process.

    The book shows how the ends of what we call “education” have already begun to evolve to fit our young peoples’ new context smart switch app. The emerging paradigm unleashes the newly-acquired powers of our 21st century kids by applying their passions, interests, and strengths to real-world accomplishment citrix files. It unlocks their creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and passions through a new kind of “Apprenticeship to the World.” It offers a better way to invest our resources in the preparation of our young samsung herunterladen. It has significant implications for every place and country, offering opportunities for those left behind to leapfrog
    those who remain with—and only incrementally improve—the old academic paradigm youtube video downloaden naar iphone.

    Here’s are some of the things people have written about the book:

    • “Marc Prensky offers us a lucid, inspiring, optimistic, doable, and crucial blueprint for how we can build a future with the schools that children
      desperately need.”
      James Paul Gee, Arizona State University
    • “Marc Prensky was always ahead of his time classic shell german free. This book is a goldmine and a powerful wakeup call. Read it and make yourself part of the future today.”
      Michael Fullan, OISE/University of Toronto
    • “Wow facebook videos herunterladen ios app. As a takeaway it is good—very good.”
      John Seely Brown, Deloitte Center for the Edge
    • “Prensky offers perhaps the most compelling case and model yet articulated by anyone for today’s globally empowered children.”
      James Tracy, Rocky  Hill School, RI
    • “We need the better world Prensky envisions and we need it now.”
      Milton Chen, The George Lucas Educational Foundation

    Learn more at bettertheirworld.org. The book can be ordered from Amazon or directly from Teachers College Press.

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